SILC Runtime Toolkit 1.2-beta5

SILC Runtime Toolkit (SRT) provides useful utility functions for application programmers. SRT can be used as the sole and main runtime in any application. It provides application main loop, hash table, lists, atomic operations, threads, locks, queues, file descriptor stream, socket stream, network routines, a finite state machine, memory pool, random number generator, buffers, regular expressions, and many many other features.

SRT natively supports multiple platforms; Unix/Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and Symbian OS, and all APIs work identically or nearly identically on all support platforms. SRT and all of its APIs are entirely reentrant and some APIs are completely thread safe.

SRT is free software and is dual-licensed with GNU GPL and BSD licenses.




To clone SRT repository give one of the following commands:

 git clone git://
 git clone


If you have any questions or comments you may contact us at info (at) silc (dot) fi